Is there such a thing as being ‘too’ informed?; The sneaky way too much information takes away our happiness…


“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”-William Shakespeare

Activism is making a comeback in today’s world. We live in a time where information is traded and readily available to us at the click of a button, so it’s no surprise that things like conspiracy theories, government files, news stories and injustices happening all over the globe are being dissected & analyzed by all those who pride themselves on being “informed.” Traveling deep into the web of information on the internet can have us uncovering reports from anything to the world is actually flat to the government is dropping chemicals in the sky that are dumbing us down to be mindless sheep. But is being so “informed” helping us or actually working against us?

The truth of the matter and ironically the truth about actual physical matter is that energy is everything. Nothing actually exists outside of the energetic signature it represents in our play of reality. Each thing, every news story, every person, every place represents a symbol of consciousness that we have either assigned power to, or dismissed as not relevant. But here’s the kicker, the symbols of consciousness in MY reality, are not going to be the same in YOURS, the belief system of the individual sets the rules! What this means is, just because someone may believe that the chemtrails they see in the sky (for example) are the reason they are sick or tired or feeling out of sorts, doesn’t mean that HAS to be true in your world. You are the most powerful being in your dimension of consciousness (your world, your ‘reality’), which means your BELIEFS are what life is shaped around, not the other way around! The more we “believe” in terrorism, chemtrails, illuminati, chemicals in the food, are ruining our lives, our health, our safety & peace of mind, the more our conscious mind is prompted to find evidence of such. In the example above, a person blaming their flu-like symptoms on chemtrails is essentially the same as someone blaming the fact that they killed their ex on mercury in retrograde. In each person’s reality the things they have given their POWER AWAY to are what are being blamed for adversity, and tecnically both are “right” (since each person gets to set the belief systems they have given their attention to in their world). In essence, the more one believes in things outside of them having the ability to take away their safety, inner peace, freedom, health, the more they will attract situations that prove to them this subconscious belief.

Take back your power. What are the things, or rather belief systems that you have given your power away to that are responsible for making you feel unhappy? “Women never get paid as much as men, that’s why I can’t succeed,”, “No one will ever like someone like me,” “The world is run by criminals, they are taking away our freedom and everyone is dumb enough to let them,” are some common belief systems that sneakily take away our power. The goal is to believe in the benevolence of the universe and the power that resides within. What many activists and those that spread conspiracy information etc… don’t realize is that they are supporting the very causes they seem to hate! By supporting the very notion that there is something to fight “against” actually re-enforces the alleged strength of their perceived enemy! If a million people got on-line and started to say “fight against the leaves on trees! The government is putting poison in the leaves and it’s making people sick! Don’t touch any trees, they’re a hoax planted by the goverment to kill us!” Eventually people are going to start at least be slightly doubtful of the world in general and those that really go in will start to believe in the malicious and powerfulness of the government and the trees! This attention and belief being focused on something OTHER THAN THEMSELVES only diminishes their own faith in a higher intelligence that resides within and the power they themselves have to create their reality through their belief systems. If you truly want to change the world, tell people to go within, find their inner strength, their authentic nature and believe in themselves. Tell people they have the power to be happy, fulfilled, to feel content and at peace NO MATTER WHAT outside reality looks like. But show compassion, not every one you meet in life will have the same mindset as this, for instance let’s say you meet a starving person, this is where we must take a solution oriented approach. If you meet a starving person, and you have food, feed them. You never know how your kindness and compassion of another human being might be just the catalyst they needed to begin to have faith in the benevolence of the universe again. May you all be blessed with the reclaiming of your power from every person, place, and thing you have given it away to.

The only thing life is interested in…

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Overcoming Self-Defeating Habits Energetically


You know all of those things you do on a daily, or maybe it’s weekly or monthly basis that you feel completely ashamed about and remorseful after you do them? Maybe it’s indulging in way too much processed foods even though you know the detrimental effects they have on your body, or maybe it’s the occasional cigarette even though you technically “quit” months ago. As we’ve all heard by now, our subconscious belief systems are what determine our reality and what choices we make a majority of the time. So how do we use this plus the laws of energy in order to unravel these self-defeating habits once and for all? The answer (as always in this spiritual journey).. duh duh duhhhh LOVE. The integration of the ego (awakening process) is about unraveling each judgment we have against ourselves, so that we may be brought back into alignment with our divine nature or also known as unconditional love. The things you can’t seem to “stop” doing are actually the things in which you have spent the most “energy” judging yourself because of. Let’s say you have been on a ‘diet’ of some sort your whole life, well that’s a lot of time and energy spent focused around food AND not to mention, how many times have you used food as a means to either judge yourself as “good” or “bad”(when I eat the broccoli I’m good, but the brownie I’m bad)? In the game of energy, the only thing that can heal and transform our judgments is love. So in order to break through unhealthy patterns we must first use complete honesty as our guide as to where the place inside of our heart that needs love the most in order to heal. In the case of the dieter who wants to stop eating, the most honest confession firstly may sound something like, “I don’t know how to stop judging myself because of the foods I eat, I surrender this issue to the light of divinity to resolve on my behalf” (and at this point send love to this judgment) Or for those with a spiritually decorated ego structure, we’ve all heard that judgment and non-self love is ‘bad’ and not appropriate for the spiritual seeker that we are, so we may even say, “I don’t know to stop judging myself FOR judging myself about what foods I eat, I surrender this to the light of divinity to resolve on my behalf, I love you judgment, I love you.” Now, here’s the “tricky” part. You must be completely fine with making any decision you want to make after that, if the next day you eat a plate full of brownies, Enjoy them! And keep enjoying and sending love to EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE, and every feeling you have thus after. Once the ego is no longer being judged because of the decisions it’s making, no one is chastising it for anything, the need to make these decisions no longer is needed. Who wants to act bad when no one is telling you your behavior is bad anymore? But if you eat the brownies and you still feel that overwhelming pang of judgment on yourself, then it’s back to step one, loving the judgment, loving the judgment of the judgment, etc. Once ALLLLLL feelings, judgments belief systems are loved UNCONDITIONALLY, our higher self expands which translates into “bad” habits or behaviors dropping naturally. NO effort required! So just love everything about yourself. Nothing is “bad” until you have named it as such, and one day you will have loved yourself so much that having an occasional brownie won’t even make you flinch, nor will eating healthy/being healthy all day long either. NO judgment, all love, you are more powerful than you think 🙂

You Have Attracted All Relationships for a Reason

Every relationship you have in your life right now you have attracted to you for a reason. Each person in your life is reflecting back to you an aspect of yourself. Normally, the relationships that you have attracted that you are having the most trouble with, either because the person brings about a negative, angry, or irritating emotional reaction from you, are the ones that mirroring back to you an unhealed aspect of your unconscious mind. Your ego, afraid to be “found out”, is pointing the finger outside of itself to others as the “problem” so that it can keep the spotlight off of itself. As long as we stay focused on what others are doing TO us, we never come to terms with our own perceptions (which are stemming from the illusory self/the ego). Our perceptions of others are purely from our OWN programming and ego NOT from the behavior of another person. If you are trying to understand the reason certain people are in your life, and what this can teach you about yourself, the answer lies in your perception of them. Maybe you perceive this person as not accepting of you, in which case, you must turn it around on yourself and ask,  “why don’t I fully accept myself?” If you truly accepted yourself, someone else’s perceived non-acceptance would not irritate you. Or maybe you perceive someone as not understanding you, or not empathizing with you and showing you compassion. So turn it around on yourself, “Where am I not understanding my own self, and showing myself unconditional love and compassion to myself?” It is only when we love ourselves UNCONDITIONALLY, meaning EVEN loving the parts of ourselves that feel anger, jealousy, sadness, unworthiness etc… Love all these aspects of “self”. Once you have accepted and loved all these perceived “shortcomings” they can no longer bother you. They become healed. Hating and denying our shortcomings will perpetuate the problem of us hating and finding shortcomings in the people we have relationships with in our lives. Once we come to terms with our own self and heal our own psyche and realize the ego is not our true self, we naturally heal our relationships with others. We stop being angered by their reflecting back to us where we still haven’t come to terms with our own unconscious mind. Be honest with yourself. Question yourself, always. Point the finger back inside of you instead of out into the world… this is the most powerful thing you can do to heal the relationships in your life.

Don’t Take it Personally

Life becomes frustrating when you take everything personally. Someone doesn’t hold the door open for you as you walk in a store, you immediately are offended & label them rude. Someone forgets to pick up their plate & put it in the sink, you’re angry bc for some odd reason you see this as a personal attack on you. A friend runs a little late to a lunch date & you’re annoyed bc you fail to see there might be a legitimate reason this has happened. Someone says something you deem “offensive”, but did you ever consider YOU may have taken it the wrong way? There’s 7billion people living on earth, if you think that everyone has received your personal “book of rules & conduct” that tells them exactly how you expect them to behave in any given situation, I assure you, they didn’t. Sometimes people just forget things, sometimes people just run late, sometimes people forget to say “please” or “thank you”, and it has nothing to do with you.. We’re human, we’re not perfect. People don’t need you to criticize them or put them down or yell at them.. What they need is empathy, empathize that they’re human & just b/c they didn’t behave exactly like YOU think they should have, doesn’t mean they are wrong. If you made a mistake you would want some empathy, compassion & forgiveness, right? Don’t take everything as a personal attack.. It makes life so much more difficult than it needs to be. Have an amazing night!


Your Wisdom is Your Beauty

When you surrender to your pain and suffering, it will eventually become your wisdom & inner strength. And this strength & wisdom will eventually become your beauty. Too many people trying to look good on the outside without fixing themselves on the inside too. The most beautiful people aren’t the ones who walk into the room desperately seeking for attention nor the ones who need constant validation and approval by telling every single person they meet everything about themselves in hopes that another persons attention or validation might make them accept themselves a little more. True beauty comes from being humble, open minded yet reserved, a light shines from within them that people gravitate towards but it’s not a light that is seeking attention from other people. Beauty comes from people who speak kindly about other people when they can, and talk about what they love instead of bashing what they hate, someone who is passionate about something, and isn’t jaded, bitter, cynical or angry, but still sees the world with a sense of excitement and wonder and mystery. We all have these wonderful qualities inside of us, they will amplify the minute we choose to love and accept ourselves as we are instead of focusing too much on how to make other people love and accept us. When you love and accept yourself first, you give yourself freedom to be yourself, which is a liberating experience. At this point you have nothing to prove to anyone, and you realize other people’s thoughts and opinions of you are none of your business, bc as long as you accept yourself then that’s all that matters. Have a beautiful day!!


They are Not the Problem, You Are

No one can MAKE you feel any certain way, if you don’t choose to. So many people are walking around thinking that other people are doing things TO them, while not realizing that they are the ones generating their own thoughts, feelings and perspectives on a situation. What a frustrating life to lead… to think that other people are in control of your emotions so much that any slip up by them will have the power to make you mad, sad, depressed, or even happy. When you root yourself in your own awareness and consciousness, you are able to see past the judgments of “good” or “bad” or “right” and “wrong”, and allow things to just be. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect always, but you allow your feelings and emotions to guide you into self awareness. You know that when you’re immediate reaction to things is anger, that your consciousness is showing you something you need to work on inside of YOURSELF, not something you need to change about another person. Try and put yourself in another person’s shoes, try and see things from their perspective too instead of only focusing on your OWN perspective as the absolute, ultimate truth. Your perspective is just that… YOUR perspective. It may not apply to everyone. You think you are punishing other people by getting mad at them calling them names or screaming or getting revenge on them etc…, but you are only punishing yourself. Stress, anger and frustration will punish you more than it will punish them, because you are the one who has to live with the low vibratory energies running through your system. Start looking at life through a broader perspective, everyone is operating from their own “truth” and this realization makes it so much easier to move through life and get along with other people. 🙂