The only thing life is interested in…

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Why you don’t have what you want…



Think of it this way: the universe loves you so much it won’t give you what you want yet. “Wait, huh?? That doesn’t make sense.I thought the universe loves me and my soul’s deepest wishes are it’s deepest desires for me. Doesn’t the universe WANT me to be happy??” Absolutely. And that’s why it won’t just hand you what you want… yet. Imagine a five year old child that is begging for the keys to the family car so that it can go out for a drive. Now in that moment, the child believes that the keys to that car are going to make him/her happy and that is their deepest wish. But the more emotionally mature and evolved parent knows that letting their five year old drive the car will only mean disaster, so, even though the child is screaming and crying in despair, they withhold the keys. The parent knows that soon enough, when the child is old enough to drive a car safely and in a manner that he/she won’t kill themselves or cause serious damage to their life, they will get those keys, and such is our life. The universe so badly wants to give us what we want, and it knows that what we want is coming, but in an act of unconditional love for us, it can’t give it to us if we are not at a place where said thing is going to add to our life vs. being in our worst interest. Imagine the insecure character who is desperately trying manifest their soulmate. They think, “I will feel good about myself when I can get someone else to love me, but until then I’ll hate myself and wish things were different.” And the universe within us watches and waits. It waits for us to come into alignment with fulfillment on our own accord regardless of what is happening outside of us to send us the partner. The fact of the matter is, nothing is ever going to fulfill us… nothing outside of us that is. Any car, spouse, house, job we get will eventually become just another thing that we replace, lose, become bored with, or try to get rid of. To many that may sound like a depressing statement, but in all actuality, what this really means for our lives is that the source of all happiness and fulfillment lies within us. When fulfillment comes from within our own being, and isn’t dependent upon an outside outcome or set of circumstances, the material possessions we acquire, relationships we experience, and successes we enjoy can actually be enjoyed for as long as they last, and when the time comes for them to go, we let them. The awakening consciousness within us is not attached to any outcome for fulfillment. This is why those going through the awakening process often experience a loss of interest in what they thought they “wanted” out of life. This is the universes’ sign that we are beginning to lose attachments to people, places and things outside of us as the source of our happiness. This is a good thing. You’ll still get what you want, and experience the life you are destined to experience, but only at the point where you no longer think you “need” it. Look at your present moment and say thank you. This is the universe giving you exactly what you need and are prepared energetically to experience while also prepping and priming you for newer and better experiences to come. You are here in this place in time because this is exactly where you need to be, nothing ever goes wrong, and everything that is happening should be happening. May you be blessed with unconditional acceptance of every moment of your life and fulfillment of your soul’s deepest wishes and desire from now until infinity, and so it is 🙂

Why We Keep Manifesting Situations that Incite “Negative” Emotions

No feeling or emotion happens by accident. In fact, if we have been witness to a certain emotion arising in our body it is the clear signal that said emotion is only arising in order to be healed by us. All emotions are healed by the actual feeling of them. The only way “out” is “through.” When we think of things in these terms, it becomes clear why we manifest situations time and again that act as the catalysts that prompt our hearts to feel certain ways.  For example, if there is repressed anger in our emotional body we will find that we manifest situations in our outer reality that make us angry, over and over again until this emotion has been observed, felt and unconditionally loved by us. On one level of understanding it may seem as though we are attracting to us “negative” circumstances because we have done something wrong or we have some sort of subconscious belief that is out of alignment with what we truly want and for that reason we continue to attract to us circumstances that make us angry. When we see things from this perspective it is no wonder why so many of us are still blaming ourselves for our lives and how things appear in our outer reality and why certain emotions seem as though they pop up over and over again without ever being healed. However, true healing and transformation can only occur when we do the one thing that may seem the most scary or painful even…welcome all emotions in, no matter how they feel. By seeing ourselves as the light of awareness that actually has the power to energetically transcend all perceived “painful” emotions by simply letting them be exactly as they are and sending love to them with our intention and breath, we actually become the savior we have been waiting for. The divine within all of us is waking up. Gone are the days when we needed a third party healer or shaman in order to heal things for us, or to remove blockages on our behalf. We are the light of the divine that our hearts are pleading and praying for in order to be liberated from its pain.  See each emotion as another aspect of your inner child that is desperately wanting not only your attention but your love. When unhealed emotions that were used to being shunned and judged as “bad” are shown unconditional acceptance and love it will be amazing how quickly we begin to heal our hearts and move through painful feelings. The next time a situation happens that prompts your heart to feel sad, angry, frustrated, disappointed or any other emotion that has previously been judged by you as “not acceptable,” look at this situation as an opportunity for healing and to give your inner child some desperately needed love and affection. The more we blame ourselves for our life’s circumstances, the more our inner child feels not only criticized but also abandoned when it needs love the most. True freedom from all emotions lies in the willingness to surrender to that emotion. Surrender is the natural precursor for the light of our being (our divine nature which is pure love) to flood in and wrap this emotion in the warmth of its unconditional love.

Amplify the Good in Your life

What you choose to focus on with your energy and attention in your mind is what will amplify in your external reality. We are all living in the same world, although there are some of us that have laser focused on all the “bad” parts. When you choose to see the world through the lens that everything is “bad”, “terrible” or “not going my way”, you only put a spotlight on all things negative, and actually start to draw to you more seemingly negative circumstances. However when you put your attention to what you are grateful for, you amplify those things in your life. Choose to see all the good life is giving you in this present moment. It doesn’t matter how “big” or “small” a blessing is, just choose to focus on them and that is what will start becoming more visible to you in your external world. All it takes is a shift in perspective to start being happier. Trust that whatever circumstance the universe has given you in this moment is for your greater good.. EVERY circumstance. From our limited perspective we may not always be able to see the bigger picture behind the “why” things in our life happen, but we always have the choice to see things in the positive light or the negative.

If It Has the Power to Anger You, There is a Part of You That Believes It Is True

Anything that is able to bring about a negative emotional reaction from you, whether it be anger, frustration, annoyance, criticism etc… is a sign that there is an issue w/ yourself (your ego) that needs to be addressed. Nothing that you don’t deep down somewhat believe will be able to bring about a negative reaction. The ego, in attempting to self-preserve, will try to blame the anger on the behavior of the other person. Next time something really brings up anger or rage or annoyance in you (and that includes people, groups of people, or maybe a past event), instead of blaming them, ask yourself “what part of my ego is offended by this? Where am I holding on to an attachment about my sense of self that this person threatens?” This is one of the toughest habits to get in when you start on the path of self awareness. But the positive aspect of always pointing the finger back on yourself is this: A. You work through emotions much quicker, bc you actually deal with them yourself instead of expecting someone else to change THEIR behavior in order for YOU to be happy. B. there is a level of consciousness that exists where you see everything as perfect just as it is. You stop judging things as “right” or “wrong” and easily accept things as they are. This stems from accepting yourself as you are, when you accept yourself & believe in your own power to control your life you stop being angry & afraid that other people are taking away your freedom. Remember, only the ego can get mad, or be offended or be pissed off. So these emotions ALWAYS stem from your illusory “sense of self”, use these emotions as a perfect guide to where you still need work on YOURSELF. You will empower yourself in amazing ways when you choose to “Blame” your OWN ego for the emotions you have, not other people/places/things. Have an amazing Sunday!!

It’s Not What You Do, It’s Why You Do It…

“It doesn’t matter WHAT you do, it’s WHY you do it” – Howard Schultz
The details of your life don’t matter much. It”s the purpose behind them. The purpose behind your actions translates to the energy you are emitting when you make choices in your life. The universe and the law of attraction will favor the path you intend to go on when your purpose is love. Scan your “wants” list, see where in this list you are desiring something out of love, or out of fear. This goes for material things, relationships, job opportunities etc… For example, many people make the mistake of wanting money, a nice car, a huge home because they are wanting to promote their self image. As long as they have these things they think that others will believe they have “made it” and that will feed into their ego. Their purpose is competition and self promotion/validation. Whereas other people may want these same things because they they see money as a means to help others, or participate in hobbies they love or to travel to new places because they would love to see the world. These people have love behind their intention. Instead of asking the universe “what can you give me?” or “what can I get out of you?, ask it “How can I be of service to you?”, and “How can you use my behavior, my actions and my interactions with the world today to better serve your purpose?” When your intention and will becomes the same as the Universe’s, amazing things start to happen. You’ll know your will is in alignment with the Universe’s when the main intention behind your actions becomes love. Hope you guys have an amazing day

Happiness is an Inside Job

Really ask yourself: “where does my sense of self worth come from?” If your answer is your job title, your relationship status, your bank statement, the fact that someone calls you “mom” or “dad”, the type of car you drive etc… You are leaving your happiness in the hands of something that can be taken from you. It’s ok to get joy from all these things, & to desire them in your life, but never let whether you have it or not make you or break you. “Happiness is an inside job”… It’s a feeling, or an energy that you become when your happiness depends on nothing else except the fact that you alone exist.


Stress Will Become Disease and Illness

If you don’t believe that your thoughts alone can cause you to manifest illness and disease in your body, try this: close your eyes and spend one minute saying every negative thing you can think of, for example: , ” I’m so mad” “I’m so pissed off” “Today is so terrible”, ” I cant stand anyone’… etc… now try the same thing and say things like: “I’m so happy”, “life is so wonderful” “everything is working out for the best”… Do you feel how your muscles immediately untighten? Your chest feels lighter and not as tense? Your back muscles immediately relax? Some people live their entire day pissed off or worried about the future, the cells in your body have no choice but to react off the energy you are feeding it. Negative energy will not create postive outcomes. Start your day by saying daily affirmations over and over. Pretty soon your positive affirmations will be embedded in your subconscious and your body will have no choice but to manifest your new postive belief system. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know your own power of healing your own body! As long as you stay sick, they make money… Take back your power