Don’t Take it Personally

Life becomes frustrating when you take everything personally. Someone doesn’t hold the door open for you as you walk in a store, you immediately are offended & label them rude. Someone forgets to pick up their plate & put it in the sink, you’re angry bc for some odd reason you see this as a personal attack on you. A friend runs a little late to a lunch date & you’re annoyed bc you fail to see there might be a legitimate reason this has happened. Someone says something you deem “offensive”, but did you ever consider YOU may have taken it the wrong way? There’s 7billion people living on earth, if you think that everyone has received your personal “book of rules & conduct” that tells them exactly how you expect them to behave in any given situation, I assure you, they didn’t. Sometimes people just forget things, sometimes people just run late, sometimes people forget to say “please” or “thank you”, and it has nothing to do with you.. We’re human, we’re not perfect. People don’t need you to criticize them or put them down or yell at them.. What they need is empathy, empathize that they’re human & just b/c they didn’t behave exactly like YOU think they should have, doesn’t mean they are wrong. If you made a mistake you would want some empathy, compassion & forgiveness, right? Don’t take everything as a personal attack.. It makes life so much more difficult than it needs to be. Have an amazing night!


Your Wisdom is Your Beauty

When you surrender to your pain and suffering, it will eventually become your wisdom & inner strength. And this strength & wisdom will eventually become your beauty. Too many people trying to look good on the outside without fixing themselves on the inside too. The most beautiful people aren’t the ones who walk into the room desperately seeking for attention nor the ones who need constant validation and approval by telling every single person they meet everything about themselves in hopes that another persons attention or validation might make them accept themselves a little more. True beauty comes from being humble, open minded yet reserved, a light shines from within them that people gravitate towards but it’s not a light that is seeking attention from other people. Beauty comes from people who speak kindly about other people when they can, and talk about what they love instead of bashing what they hate, someone who is passionate about something, and isn’t jaded, bitter, cynical or angry, but still sees the world with a sense of excitement and wonder and mystery. We all have these wonderful qualities inside of us, they will amplify the minute we choose to love and accept ourselves as we are instead of focusing too much on how to make other people love and accept us. When you love and accept yourself first, you give yourself freedom to be yourself, which is a liberating experience. At this point you have nothing to prove to anyone, and you realize other people’s thoughts and opinions of you are none of your business, bc as long as you accept yourself then that’s all that matters. Have a beautiful day!!


They are Not the Problem, You Are

No one can MAKE you feel any certain way, if you don’t choose to. So many people are walking around thinking that other people are doing things TO them, while not realizing that they are the ones generating their own thoughts, feelings and perspectives on a situation. What a frustrating life to lead… to think that other people are in control of your emotions so much that any slip up by them will have the power to make you mad, sad, depressed, or even happy. When you root yourself in your own awareness and consciousness, you are able to see past the judgments of “good” or “bad” or “right” and “wrong”, and allow things to just be. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect always, but you allow your feelings and emotions to guide you into self awareness. You know that when you’re immediate reaction to things is anger, that your consciousness is showing you something you need to work on inside of YOURSELF, not something you need to change about another person. Try and put yourself in another person’s shoes, try and see things from their perspective too instead of only focusing on your OWN perspective as the absolute, ultimate truth. Your perspective is just that… YOUR perspective. It may not apply to everyone. You think you are punishing other people by getting mad at them calling them names or screaming or getting revenge on them etc…, but you are only punishing yourself. Stress, anger and frustration will punish you more than it will punish them, because you are the one who has to live with the low vibratory energies running through your system. Start looking at life through a broader perspective, everyone is operating from their own “truth” and this realization makes it so much easier to move through life and get along with other people. 🙂