Life is but a Dream

Do you know how in a dream you don’t realize you’re dreaming, & while the dream is going on you’re completely immersed in it & it seems completely real until the second you wake up @ you’re like “oh.. That was just a dream!” And then you see whatever emotion you were feeling in the dream was silly bc it wasn’t even real in the first place… Well that is exactly what is happening to you right now, in the 3d physical realm that you believe you exist in, in this present moment. Most people don’t realize they are “asleep” so to speak, so there is no point of blaming them or pointing the finger at them for their constant stress & worry about their perceived “problems”, bc like the dreamer in the dream.. They truly BELIEVE this is real. For those of us who have experienced the first signs if our spiritual awakening process we are starting to see through the illusion of this world, & realize our thoughts, beliefs, & perceptions are creating the world as we go along, that being a victim of circumstances is only a mind set & is only true if you BELIEVE it is true. Coming to terms w/ these realizations isn’t easy especially bc it’s soooo easy to get caught up in the dramas of the world, which will sometimes make us forget what is REALLY going on here. It takes practice.. Meditating, reading, learning, self awareness, surrounding yourself with positive uplifting people will help you in this process. And if this post sounds completely crazy or confusing, it’s only bc you’re not there yet, & thats ok, but don’t worry.. One day you will be, & you will realize.. There was never anything to worry about in the first place.

Clearing Unresolved Emotions

It’s so important to meditate on a regular basis or do some sort of “releasing” of emotions. Every negative or discordant thought gets stored in your cells and over time, constant negative emotions which could be considered “stress” or “worry” by this point, will have no choice but to manifest as illness or disease, or panic attacks even. Any “unresolved emotions” will demand attention eventually, if you try to stuff them down & avoid dealing with them. By practicing meditation you are then able to resolve discordant thinking & feel an emotion to completion rather than pushing it away pretending it’s not happening. Remember: your thoughts are not the real you, and your thoughts are not real even! When a negative thought arises observe it as nothing more than a trick by your ego & let it pass without “feeding into it”.. Have a beautiful day, you are so amazing!  #meditation #unblockchakras

Happiness from Inside Out

Happiness can and will only come when you find inner peace, and love within yourself. You may make a million dollars, have an amazing car, husband, wife whatever.. But if you’re not truly truly happy on the inside, NOTHING will ever feel quite right. It will always feel like something’s missing, our mistake is looking outside of ourselves for happiness. When you’re happy on the inside your happiness can never be taken bc it’s not an object, objects can be taken, relationships can end, but you yourself can never be taken from yourself. So, Appreciate simple pleasures in your day to day life, hang out with positive people who empower you & make you feel good about yourself, try to be as healthy as possible, spend time outside whenever possible, read books & learn about the world, be kind to people… Is life really really worth living if you’re just stressed out all the time?? I should hope not. You are so amazing.. Have an awesome day!!

Energy will Manifest… Whether Good or Bad

Your thoughts are your communication with the universe/god. Whatever your predominant thoughts are is what will manifest itself in your life. But.. The IMPORTANT thing to realize here, is that the universe ONLY deals in energy. So basically it makes no discernment whether you WANT something or DON’T want something, it only sees where all the energy is & then manifests that thing. Point being: focus on what you want, instead of on what you DON’T want. The more energy you give to your fears, you are actually ENERGIZING them into existence! And the most important tip is to realize: God/the universe ALWAYS KNOWS BEST. So if there is something you’ve been trying to manifest that you are not getting, there may be certain lessons that your soul needs to learn before it can get these things, or there may be something BETTER for you in store. The most important thing is to not constantly think “I want this, I want that”., “want” implies lack, which manifests as MORE WANT. You must behave and act as If you ALREADY HAVE the thing you want, thank god for it as If it has already happened, then the universe will have NO CHOICE but to match to your frequency & send you what you “want”. Become (internally) the person who already has the thing you are trying to manifest.. You are such a powerful being of creation, you MUST believe in magic for magic to happen to you  have an awesome day!!

The Universe is at Your Command

Think of it like this: the universe is constantly trying to prove its existence to you by manifesting whatever “belief” you have about it. So if you believe life is boring, life is hard, that you are a victim of your circumstances, nothing ever works out for you… The universe says “ok great! The belief is that life is terrible and hard so that’s exactly the type of situations that I will produce“. It wants you to be in communion w/ it, so it brings you whatever your thoughts/beliefs command it to. The physical world is a print out of what is happening internally! So on the other hand if you believe life is wonderful, magical things happen, miracles occur everyday, the universe, obviously wanting to do whatever you say, brings just that. Look at your deep rooted beliefs about life & yourself, even, if there’s anything off just change the thought pattern, it’s as easy as that  you are so much more powerful & amazing then you know  have a wonderful day!

Peacefulness is our Natural State, Not Stress

Don’t get caught up in the illusion that it’s “normal” to be stressed all the time. Society makes us believe we must always be busy, tired and stressed, in order to be living a “fulfilling” life. And it’s so not true. Our natural state is peacefulness, calm & happiness. When you’re having a good day instead of getting worried that you’re NOT worried, just sit in the feeling if gratitude that today or even this moment, you have absolutely NOTHING to stress out about. The thing that helps me is my inner “knowing” that there IS a higher intelligence that always has my best interest at heart. And at the core of my being I AM this higher intelligence, manifest in human form for a while. I see all of your guys’ posts about what u are grateful for, and today I’m grateful that all my fb friends have something to be grateful for  each and every one of you is special & unique, & came here with a purpose & a light to shine. So thank you for sharing your stories of gratitude.. They all make me smile  have an awesome night:)

God is Everything

God isn’t a seperate entity “outside” of ourselves. The frequency of god is inside every single one of us. In fact all there IS is God. God is the end all be all, meaning that every single person, flower, fish, tiger, blade of grass IS god, just manifest in different forms. Think of it like this: let’s say the entire universe, every planet, person, cloud etc.. Was made of cheese. Yes the cheese was shaped in different forms but nonetheless, at it’s core, it was still a piece of cheese. If EVERY SINGLE THING was made of cheese, would anyone “know” what cheese was? No, bc they would have NOTHING else to compare it to. If every single thing was made of this one thing, no one would know any different so no one could “conceptualize” cheese, bc cheese is all there is. This is how god is, he’s everything, in everything etc.. Only our human minds have tried to “conceptualize” god & our egos have made us think god is somewhere “out there”… You are God, I am God, nature is god, and so forth. Try to see the divinity that is your life! When you see things from this standpoint, you realize how meaningless our petty little problems & stresses are. Resonate with the “god” that is inside you, and look for the “god” inside others. Things become much more magical that way  You are so amazing, have a day of GRATITUDE!!

Your Struggle will be Your Greatest Blessing

At a certain point you will realize that your “struggle” has actually been your greatest blessing. And when this happens you will have no other choice than to be completely and utterly grateful for your life and anything you’ve had to overcome. The more darkness you have seen or had to endure, just makes the light THAT much more amazing. So never ever get down on yourself or compare your life or your struggle to other peoples. The harder things seem to be, it’s only bc god has given you the potential to be THAT much happier when things finally switch for you. If you’ve never had to experience hard times & struggle would you REALLY be able to be grateful for your life when things start to go good for you? Probably not. Everything is always ALWAYS a blessing or blessing in disguise. The universe WANTS to give you what u desire, don’t think for one second that you don’t deserve happiness & everything you have ever wanted out of life. It’s simply not true. You are amazing, you are love, have an awesome day:)

Lose Your Attachment to External Circumstances

The trick is to lose your “attachment” to a specific thing or outcome. You may start thinking..” I need to be rich in order to REALLY feel happy”, “I need to be married, in order to REALLY feel happy”, “I need to lose weight/gain weight in order to REALLY feel happy”, “I need to drive that kind of car in order to REALLY feel happy”, but when you think this way, the message you are sending to the universe is that YOU are not enough. That this “happiness” lies outside of yourself in an object, or an event, or a person. That you yourself are not enough, & you become attached to the notion that “once this happens”, or ” once I get that”, THEN I will have happiness. What you are actually doing when u do this is alluding your happiness, and repelling the exact thing you are trying to manifest. Remember the universe MATCHES your vibration, when u are constantly in a state of “want” & “lack” the universe sends u MORE want & lack. Know this: you are ALREADY that which you seek. “Attachment” stems from fear, a fear of “if this does not happen I can not be happy”, fear will NOT help you achieve anything. Only love can do that. So love yourself right now, exactly where you are in life, exactly who you are in life, don’t judge yourself. Everything is happening & unfolding EXACTLY as it should. When a judgemental or critical thought comes up, simply observe it as nothing more than a trick of your ego & don’t feed into it. It’s not true. Approach life from the intention of love, ESPECIALLY when dealing with yourself. When you love yourself you will attract other people & situations that are in alignment with you  you’re amazing, have a beautiful day!

How do you Measure Happiness and Success?

The problem is people are sacrificing their health in order to “get ahead”. They are willing to eat unhealthy b/c it’s quicker, they are willing to miss out on much needed sleep b/c they need to jam pack their day with “stuff” to do, they are willing to be constantly stressed In order to make as much money as possible. How do you measure success? What needs to happen in your life for you to truly feel like you have “made it”? Is it the number on a computer screen telling you your account balance? If your measure of success has nothing to do with finding inner peace, discovering your souls purpose, inviting spirituality into your life, becoming closer to God, or becoming healthy physically, mentally, & spiritually…you are on the wrong track. Really ask yourself, what is important in life? Is money worth feeling sick & stressed? Ambition is wonderful & wanting to be successful & rich is great, but just know that your health (mind/body/spirit) is your REAL wealth. When you live a life of helping others, using your god given talents to the best of your ability, not only will you bless others… But you will also bless yourself in ways you never dreamed possible. And doing work that utilizes your talents will manifest wealth for you as well… Make a list of what things you “value” in life. I guarantee none of them will be able to be achieved by worry, stress, judging others, feeling superior to others etc… And if they can, that may be a sign you need to check your ego. There’s a higher power that loves you so much.. More than you can ever know… Get closer to this higher power, therein lies the secret to happiness  I love you guys